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Kamianets-Podilskyi's municipal services turned an ordinary crossroads into an "embroidered shirt" by painting it. In this way, the authors of the idea decided to support the all-Ukrainian fashion for embroidered shirts.
Every year on the third Thursday of May in Ukraine the Day of an embroidered shirt is celebrated.
Ukrainian embroidered shirt is often called the code of the nation with encrypted talismans, symbols and signs. Details and themes of embroidery ornaments differ depending on the historical region of Ukraine. Podolsk embroidered shirts with simple and clear ornaments are a real masterpiece of art, our wealth and originality.
Interesting facts about the Ukrainian embroidered shirt:
  • Embroidered shirt is a festive, not casual clothes. On weekdays, Ukrainians wore so-called "budenki" - inconspicuous shirts, and on holidays they wore reach embroidered shirts.
  • Embroidery was primarily applied for sacred purposes, as a talisman. Some embroidered shirts were originally created as ritual.
  • Each region of Ukraine has its own embroidery technique, ornament and traditional colors of embroidery. Sometimes even some villages can boast of their special embroideries.
  • Embroidery of one shirt can take from two weeks to three years - depending on the complexity of the techniques.
  • Extremely fine white-on-white embroidery was common among the European and the Ukrainian nobility, who wore underwear and shirts embroidered in this way.

Kamyanets-Podilskiy, Soborna st.
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