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Architectural monument of the XII-XVIII centuries. An integral part of the National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Kamyanets", that belongs to the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine". The plan has an irregular quadrangular shape. The width of the castle is about 50 m, the length from the north is 135 m, from the south - 160, and in the middle 180 m. The area of the castle yard is about 3/4 hectares, and together with the outbuildings - 1.5 hectares. The fortress is surrounded by high walls, has 13 (previously 14) brick towers. Inside of the New East tower is a 40 m deep well. In the XIX century. the castle was used as a prison. In the postwar period, it housed a museum (department "Old Castle"). From the 1950s to the present time, the castle has served as f scenery of many famous movies, such as: "The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe", "Old Fortress", "Taras Bulba" and many others.
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